Makassar City Government hopes the attraction of the Sukhoi at F8


Makassar (ANTARA Sulsel)-Makassar City Government hopes to showcase the attractions of INDONESIAN AIR FORCE fighter aircraft Sukhoi on the type of activities "Eight Festival International (F8)" which will be held in September 2016.

"I've asked to Pangkoopsau AU II in order to include the Sukhoi belonging to the AU beratraksi in the sky of Makassar on F8 later,  Moh. Pomanto Ramdhan in Makassar on Saturday.

He said the demand for a display of attractions was directly told to Sukhoi Pangkoopsau II AU Air Vice-Marshal TNI Dody Trisunu while doing hospitality visits to the Home Office in Jalan Sungai Lariang.

Danny Pomanto- pleads if Sukhoi will be very interesting attraction of attention of tourism and cultural activities because it does it's going to bring a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

"We hope that later there was the attraction of the Sukhoi because this activity complete with international scale.

He explained that F8 which stands for Film, Fashion, Food, Flowers, Fine Art, Folks, Fusion Jazz, Fixion Writer is a container to unite great potential of Makassar which tend to break.

"Thus all wealth that we have in the merge so one in an annual festival that will bring great benefit to the city," he said.

According to him, the F8 is a great stage of Makassar in an effort to bring together international world view towards the city.

He exemplifies the success of the implementation of the Major Asean Forum (AMF) which was successfully implemented in the city has been a discussion in the outside world and certainly Makassar began to reckon with the world.

"Thanks to the AMF, we can become the world's attention, let alone its activities a success. Even CNN is already reviewing the activities of AMF Makassar. Previously did not exist, "he said.

Therefore, he is optimistic if this year's successful implementation then the years before him the attention of the world community will be centralized and want to flock to Makassar tuned its preliminary activities.

"Asean countries we act, we would also convey to the foreign countries we like Konjen Australia, Japan, America, and France," he explained.