Tourism Office of Makassar was arranging a pre event f8


Tourism and Creative Economy Makassar city has done a number of preparation ahead of the implementation of the EIGHT International Festival of Makassar or F8 8-19 September in Losari Beach, one of them is to do a pre event F8 by displaying a number of attractions such as the dance of paraga, paint, and various other dance on Sunday, August 7, at the beach Losari.

The head of division of the promotion of tourism and Creative Economy (Disparekraf) the city of Makassar, Mohammad Roem says, before the implementation of F8 which stands for Film, Fashion, Food, Flowers, Fine Art, Folks, Fusion Jazz, this Writer, Fiction writers It has a variety of preparations to establish an international event.

"The attraction of the pre event F8 is one of our ways to give preliminary information to the public if at the upcoming Sept. 8-10 there will be activities F8 by displaying a wide range of attractions," explained Roem.

Suriani Echal Panca - Makassar Terkini