Curator F8 Danny Meet to Discuss International Festival


Mayor of Makassar, Moh. Ramdhan "Danny" Pomanto held a joint meeting comprising F8 Curator Curator Fashion, Film, Food, Florist, Folk, Fine Arts, Fusion Jazz, Fiction Writers in order to welcome the International Eight Festival and Forum which will be held from 8-10 September 2016, in Watwrfront City Of Makassar.

During the meeting, Danny says that he show it to the Receiver is just the basic idea and he hopes the idea in organizing the International Festival Eight And the Forum can be developed. "What I show is the basic idea as an idea about this festival later on, so I'm bisaki be developed again," said Danny in the boardroom Mayor of Makassar, Monday, June 20, 2016.

Film curator, Arman, wants that holding the Eight International Festival and Forum can involve small people. "It's good that the festival can be felt by the common people and also involves their role," said Arman.

In response, Danny plans to provide space for people to be able to participate in the festival. "I plan to make this food can every aisle presenting traditional food he presents, so there is also the role of the people," said Danny.

Degina Adenessa