Eight International Festival, Shutter Wisman to Makassar


Makassar Mayor, Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto, ensuring Makassar International Eight (8) Festival and Forum will be held on September 8, 2016.

Explained, F8 which stands Film, Fashion, Food, Flowers, Fine Art, Folks, Fusion Jazz, and Fixion Writer is a forum to bring together the great potential Makassar that have tended to separate.

"Thus, all the wealth that we have collaborated together in an annual festival that will bring great benefits to the city," said Ramdhan in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with eight committees that F will difestivalkan.

Added, F8 is a big stage Makassar as an effort to unite the international world view on the city. Ramdhan exemplifies the success of the implementation of the Asean MayorForum (AMF), which makes the city nicknamed the City of Daeng reckoned the world.

"Thanks to the AMF, weather Released by CNN have entered Makassar. Previously, no, "he explained.

Therefore, if the implementation of Ramdhan optimistic this year will be successful, and then target the world community's attention in 2017 will be centered and willing to flock to Makassar looking forward to this event.

For that, this week, he will invite employers hotels and restaurants, as well as related parties, which will also be an important part to discuss the grand festival.

"Asean countries are invited all. We will also convey to the friendly countries such as Consulate General (Consul General) Australia, Japan, the United States (US), and France, "he said.

Additionally, Ramdhan admitted if it has coordinated with the Chairman of the South Sulawesi Family Harmony (KKSS) Center, so that the residents of South Sulawesi spread both inside and outside the country, witnessed the return of this agenda.

To further intensify the discussion related to F8, he immediately pointed to the hallway Apartment (Aparong) at Losari as the secretariat. "We will be branding Aparong with F8, all as a promotion," added Ramdhan