Makassar City Government international festival preparation F8


Makassar City Government began to move preparing for a celebration of the international festival titled "Eight Makassar International Festival and Forum (F8)", which is planned to be held in September 2016.

Mayor Ramdhan "Danny" Pomanto ask colleagues in the government, especially the Department of Tourism and Creative Economy, along with a number of curators prepare for all purposes to the maximum so that the festival could be implemented with caution. This festival is predicted as stimulating passion creative industries in Makassar.

"We must show the best because this festival an international level. We invite outside the country," said Danny Pomanto, when collecting a number of curators in his office in Makassar City Hall, Monday (20/6).

F8 as the festival's name is an acronym for Food, Flower, Fashion, Film, Fiction Writer, Fussion Jazz, Folk, and Find Art. As the name implies, a festival designed to showcase the collaboration of various elements. Starting from the exhibition of food, flowers, fashion, local film screenings, discussions, writing, hinga musical performances, folklore and visual arts.

Danny revealed, accidentally festival brings together diverse elements into the potential of the city of Makassar. So far, the potential tends to separate. One special packaging is expected to invite the attention of the world community to want to flock to Makassar.

"Festival in iakan was an opportunity for us to sell all of the potential of Makassar to the world community," said Danny.

Specifically, Danny stressed to the curator to pay attention to detail element festival F8. For the flower show, for example, he asked that began to be planted and cared for now in particular. "In order for the result to be maximized. Flowers will be offered to tourists who come," he continued.

As for the food exhibition, F8 certainly would accommodate only a culinary menu of traditional Makassar. Among them Coto, konro, pallu bases, and various local snacks. "All the food will be sold and will explain the history of each."